H.O.M.E. helps low-income seniors maintain their independence by providing home upkeep and repair service, a shopping bus, affordable housing and moving assistance.

I knew of H.O.M.E., a Chicago based organization, long before I decided to run the Chicago Marathon last year. However, I didn't realize how vital, important, and life-changing their services are. Only after visiting one of their houses and meeting some of the residents did I catch the real weight of what H.O.M.E. does. I tried to explain it last year - which you can read about here - but my thoughts wander and get easily lost. More clear and direct information is on their website. Still, as I myself know, all the reading and telling can't do what the seeing and meeting does. So next time you are in Chicago give them a visit.

If you want to join in supporting seniors in need of housing donate here! if you'd like it to count towards the marathon fundraising goal just write in "marathon" in the note section.

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