Marathon Donation Multiplier

To provide a bit more excitement I have created a speed incentive this year. I'm calling it the Donation Multiplier. I will run the marathon and you will donate. And the faster I run the more you will give.

This is how it works. You have until early October to place a base pledge. On October 9th I will run the Portland marathon.
If I set a Portland PR (aka just show up) then you multiply your pledge by 1.
If I beat my NYC PR (4:21:16) then the multiplier is 1.1.
If I beat my Chicago PR (4:01:57) then the multiplier is 1.3.
If I'm under 4 hours then the multiplier is 1.7.
If I beat my long-standing goal of 3:52:00 then the multiplier is 2.5.
But wait there's more. The optional Double Down Super Round!
If I beat my Chicago PR in both Portland and in NYC then the multiplier is 1.7.
If I'm under 4 hours in both races then the multiplier is 2.5.
If I beat 3:52:00 in both races then the multiplier is 4.
Chart form!
The main marathon training is over! I'm officially tapering down. It is time to make your best bets. Look at my paces. Guess how likely I am to fade around 17-19 miles into the race.

Please indicate your preference for the Multiplier or a standard donation using the Donation Multiplier Form.  Filling out this form just indicates your interest. When we are closer to race day - and you have seen all my running times and paces - and many people have signed up for the Multiplier I'll send out an anonymous form to ask for base pledge amounts. This way all your donations can be completely anonymous if you so choose - and we can still have the pleasure to know how much money is on the line!

If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask. (Also let me know if the form doesn't work.)

This may not be for you. You may be thinking, "I really want to support low-income seniors or cancer research, but I'm afraid Andrew will choke and I'll only end up giving a little bit." So true. Well then I recommend you just donate the old fashioned way (online). In fact do it now. Much better than waiting and forgetting like I do!

     Housing Opportunities and Maintenance for the Elderly (H.O.M.E.)
     - Remember to write in "marathon" in the note section - "anonymous" too, if you prefer.

     Fred's Team

Or maybe you are thinking "I can't risk Andrew running really fast and costing me a fortune!" Almost as true. First let me say, take a few risks in life. Second let me say, donate the normal person way. It is fun and effective. In fact, do it now! You'll enjoy it.

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