Friday, October 09, 2015

Race Week - Find Yourself and Great news!

I've just received some news from the director of development at HOME. We've surpassed our fundraising goal!! There were a flurry of donations over the last few days - including today - and there were a few "anonymous" donations from a few days ago that I just found out about.

We have now raised 123% of our goal. That is $5,557.40 to support low-income seniors in Chicago! I can not believe it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that everyone that works at and with HOME join me in thanking you. And most importantly, I know that the seniors that HOME supports thank you too. More "thankyous" to come. Want to join in? Donate here!

See the fun video I made last night. Each spot references a reader that accessed the blog. I started tracking things in June. Each image is one day.

I will cut this post short as I need to board the plane and my complimentary internet is about to become uncomplimentary. More to come in Chicago!
Total "new" users.

Real "pageviews" from around the world. The ones floating in the atlantic are from Kenya.

Users: small but persistent european audience.

Pageviews by Countries!

Users: Just couldn't land West Virginia.

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Cloro said...

I suspect that WV might not have enough bandwidth to open your blog.