Monday, October 05, 2015

Race Week!

H.O.M.E. helps low-income seniors in Chicago live independently by providing home upkeep and repairs, a shopping bus, affordable housing and moving assistance! Will you help me raise monies for low-income seniors as I train for the Chicago Marathon? Donate Here. (See instructions)

Progress: 44% - or so, of goal. Let's raise $4,500!

Sunday afternoon in Central Park. Come run with me!

In case you missed it we are 44% or so of the way to reaching our goal of raising $4,500 dollars to support low-income seniors in Chicago. That's not too Shabby! Thank you for being so generous.

Still, 44% or so is a long way from 100% or so. (I keep saying 100% or so because I don't have internet at home and my tracking is all on my excel file on my home computer and I'm at work.) If you haven't yet donated please do so this week! If you have, please tell a friend to donate too. I know it is a long way to go, but I know we can do it. (Surely there is some marathon comparison in that...)

I am now cleanly moved into my new apartment. Everything is unpacked and most everything is squirreled away. I need to buy a few plastic anchors and then put up a couple of shelves. But once those are up the remaining artwork, still leaning against the wall, will be hung. It feels much better to be able to walk into my room instead of dancing over boxes and crates.

Sunday the sun peaked out. It was beautiful. It is cloudy again today, but at least the moisture remains in the clouds. Saturday it was cold, gray, and drizzling. But we were celebrating life in the park. A dear friend of mine was running a marathon in honor of her father who died a few months back. She wanted to raise monies for cancer research and for the hospice care group that took care of her father in his last days. I ran a couple of laps with her - as did many of her friends and family. I also did lots of standing near the table of coffee and apple donuts. We talked about life and death and letting go and being happy and joy and sadness and everything. We were all there for each other. In short, we did a bit of life in the cold drizzle.

It was a reminder to me that there are many wonderful charities and many more serious needs out there in this world. And while I hope and ask that you will donate to H.O.M.E. this week I know that there are a million different and good demands on your time and monies. So jump in where you can!

Looking very present last year given my mental state.

In case you are wondering, I am super excited to be in Chicago Friday! I was already getting a few excitement related butterflies last night. I am thinking of how to pack my belongings. I am thinking of double checking to make sure I bring my shoes. I am thinking of how I will pace myself. I am thinking about what I'll do if everything goes badly. I'm thinking of what I'll do if everything goes well. I want to push, but not too much or too early. I want to start easy, but not too slow or for too long. I want to see everyone, enjoy everything and run well. I even have a few fevered dreams of beating 3hr52mins. We will see.

Now I better focus on work... 

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