Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Race Week - Graphs!

H.O.M.E. helps low-income seniors in Chicago live independently by providing home upkeep and repairs, a shopping bus, affordable housing and moving assistance! Will you help me raise monies for low-income seniors as I train for the Chicago Marathon? Donate Here. (See instructions)

Progress: 52.7% of goal. Let's raise $4,500!

I'm sure you are all just as excited as I am. Ok, maybe not so excited. Or perhaps you are excited to have your Facebook pages unlittered by my constant posts. I can see that. Anyway, I'm excited and figured that today I would bring you up to speed a bit on all the data.

I love tracking data. Did you know that it took me 37 minutes to get to work this morning? That wasn't the longest trip. So far that honor falls to the M2 bus at 51 minutes. I took the 6 train this morning in hopes to repeat a record 30 minute travel time. Not this time. I haven't graphed any of this yet, but I probably will. Nerd alert.

I have also tracked much of my running. I like to keep tabs on my progress and to see if there is any improvement. Spoiler alert, there is none. Still, I find it satisfying. Here are a few charts (please notice the colors that make dusty numbers more exciting).

Missing data reflect runs where I didn't measure my pace.
As the training season progressed the runs became longer and my pace usually reflects the increase. The choppy nature of the line reflects the longer runs mixed with shorter fast runs. And looking at this I can tell I ran very few miles this year. Or, I ran a lot, but not many in the circle of marathon runners.

Take away: It gets warmer in the summer.

Thank you for your generosity!
The donations keep pouring in. I am so very grateful for your generosity and willingness to support those that need our help. It is humbling to be able to be a part of this. I hope that we can push a bit more and reach the goal (red line). If you are thinking about giving to H.O.M.E. do it today! If you already have, tell a friend to donate too.

Oh and don't be bored. For all of you who have made it this far please watch this hilarious video. This was me last year. This will be me this year.

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