Friday, June 24, 2016


Let's raise $6,500 for Housing Opportunities and Maintenance for the Elderly (H.O.M.E.) and cancer research with Fred's Team. You can decide where you want to give! (More info in the pages at the top or in the drop down box on the mobile version.)
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I just had a good run and topped it off with Kodiak Power Cakes. The cakes, which I had not heard of before, were part of the "man crate" which I received in grateful token of my best man duties a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps the gifts should have been witheld since I could barely produce the ring, my one job outside of standing still (which I did just fine). But it was already given.

From Kodiak Power Cakes website:

Power cakes are not for the faint-hearted, but for those who, like the frontiersmen exploring and settling untamed wilderness, required nutrition, vitality and taste.

Not the most inclusive language I've ever seen on a pre-made box of pancake mix. I would think "frontiersperson" would work just as well, or even "anylocationperson." Especially, as when they are dripping with syrup and butter even the most faint-hearted, or "delicate" or soft soled urbanite would find these pleasant. Anyway, this wild, strong-hearted, wilderness taming, rough and tumble New York City explorer man was all out of homemade yogurt so he mixed up a batch. Yum.

That's a pat of un-tamed vitality on those cakes!
Have you donated to H.O.M.E. or Fred's Team yet? I highly recommend it!

Did you know that the scientific research you support with Fred's Team makes a real difference in the lives of many patients - patients like me? I had the pleasure of meeting a few survivors this week - or more like a few hundred. It is amazing the strides that we have made in treating and curing many types of cancers. I can hardly believe that I would have been dead for two years now if it hadn't had been for research done at hospitals like Sloan Kettering. And here I am eating ridiculous pancakes and enjoying the blue sky of a new day. Give today! There are still far too many diagnoses that are not good. You will be making a big difference in someone's life. That's a pretty good way to start a Friday!

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