Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Marathon Season 2016!

Memories of flowers and long runs in the park.
I get a lot of "memories" from Facebook. Many of the people that populate my feed re-share, when prompted, their old photos. And now that Facebook has been around for what must be eons in internet years, the old photos are sometimes actually old. Recently I was surprised to see one of my own photos offered for repost that was nine years old. But more recently I am nudged by Facebook's loving algorithm to "remember" and repost all of those links to direct you here that I used this time last year, and the year before that.

These prompts jogged my brain and I even enjoyed some of the memories. Pleasant ones came to me like returning from a long Saturday run and enjoying a pot of coffee, a smoothie, and an ice bath. Or visiting H.O.M.E. last July and meeting seniors whose lives have been changed through your generous support. I also remembered a bit of the work, where I ran home each day to work on the second job/blog over lunch and then again over dinner and straight on until bed. But mostly, I didn't have memories upon seeing these reminders. All I had was the same thought with each new prompt, "Oh $#@%! I'm behind!"

All that to say, it is a new marathon/fundraising season and I'm excited! I hope you soon will be too.

This year I'm shaking things up a bit. I'm running two marathons back to back. Or close enough for me to count as back to back. I'm running the Portland Marathon out in Oregon in October and then returning to the NYC Marathon in November!

I'm also making changes on the fundraising side. Since I'm running multiple marathons I thought we could raise monies for multiple organizations. Reprising my favorites I'll be running for H.O.M.E. and Fred's Team this year - and I will be telling you about other great groups along the way.

Lastly I'm working up a calculator so that we can raise monies based on my finish time. The faster I run the more you give! Sounds like the perfect motivation to keep me logging the required miles. There will even be an optional bonus multiplier if I crack the mythical 3hrs and 52 minutes target I've been hunting down. I'll keep you up-to-date with my paces and miles. If you like numbers it will be really exciting. So many Charts!

All of that is coming soon. In the mean time check out a few of the old posts from past years in the "best of" pages at the top and visit  H.O.M.E. and Fred's Team (find the links above) to brush up on the wonderful work that they are doing.

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