Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tuesday (yes I realize it is not Tuesday)

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Another busy week is quickly wrapping up. I am working on a few posts one about seniors and one about cancer research. Surprise. But in the mean time I better give you another running update.

I know many of you are straining, foaming even, like an untrained dog on a leash to sign up to use the Donation Multiplier this year when giving to H.O.M.E. and Fred's Team. And all you are waiting for is more information on my speed, training regiment, caloric intake, and lower intestinal fortitude. So here is the next update.

Cumulative miles since the beginning of training. I'm not running 100 at once. I knew you were worried.
The running is plugging along. I'm going to update you next week with the training plan and the biologics and scientific information underlying it (hint: its called practice). But for the time being you can see my paces here. Perhaps you notice the one standing out. I didn't find a motorcycle or accidentally teleport. I just went to the track and did some speed work, 4x800s. Delightful.

I'm still taking in lots of calories, most from yogurt. Is there anything better in the morning than yogurt and grape nuts? I might have to have an entire post dedicated to the glories of grape nuts. I don't think they are either grapes or nuts, but they have the consistency of gravel and the attractive brown color of, well brown. Breakfast is still my favorite meal of the day. Oh, and obscene amounts of coffee takes care of all fortitude issues. What a wonderful thing.

Below is a picture of me from tuesday. Just a boring, regular Tuesday. Find out what I was up to, and soon, right here on the blog!

Photo courtesy of Mariel Montell Jordan RauerNigro.

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