Friday, September 02, 2016


Another great day to donate! Two marathons and two charities! Let's raise a combined $6,500 for cancer research through Fred's Team and low-income seniors with Housing Opportunities and Maintenance for the Elderly (H.O.M.E.)!

Donate to H.O.M.E. here. Donate to Fred's Team here. More information here and at the top of the blog!

New Socks. Could it get anymore exciting than this? I propose that it could not. Plus, I was able to by three pairs and get the fourth pair free - and - I used my 20 dollar rebate. I practically made money on the deal.

The comfort is hidden because your feet still hurt.
I just cut into a delicious cantaloupe. And while I'm enjoying it I want to get down to bit of business. Portland is still open for marathoners and for half marathoners too. So if you have any inclination to keep me company for a few miles I'd be more than appreciative. Also we'll eat donuts and putz* around the city. We can even go play on Mt Hood too. Think about it. I know you want to come.

While New York stopped taking applications ages ago, I still have a very sleepable couch and some mostly sleepable air mattresses. While the couch is free game, the "debatable performance" air mattresses are reserved for my top donors. So, if you want to buy a plane ticket, cheer me along for a few seconds, and then lay on the floor, get to donating now! We'll make a weekend of it.

The best day is the day before the marathon. Its when we get up early like we intend to go on a run, but instead, we move directly to the living room for buckets of coffee, smoothies, cakes, and other treats. Its awesome and a very important part of marathon training.

*For the genuinely confused among us. I'm using this word as a verb.
  verb 1engage in inconsequential or unproductive activity.
  noun 2. from Yiddish, slang. a penis

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