Monday, October 31, 2016

Cupressaceae Thuja Plicata

Another great day to donate! Two marathons and two charities! Let's raise a combined $6,500 for cancer research through Fred's Team and low-income seniors with Housing Opportunities and Maintenance for the Elderly (H.O.M.E.)!

Donate to H.O.M.E. here (write in "marathon" in note section). Donate to Fred's Team here

It's back! This week, donation matching up to $250. Make your donation go twice as far. Donate today!

My little Portland tree is showing signs of new life. At the end of some shoots is the yellow green of new needles. It has a way to go before reaching full size ~230ft tall. I'll need a bigger pot. That is really only a guess at full size. And "full size" may not be a helpful concept anyway. That was the height of the tallest tree known and reliably measured before we killed it. It seems like that is the way of it for many trees.

The west is the home to some very long lived tree species. Trees that have lived thousands of years are still standing. I wonder how long they can live. I wonder if some trees are actually immortal. Baring a destructive fire, strong winds and zealous loggers are some trees intrinsically immortal? It's a hard thing to test. It takes quite a while.

Anyway, my little tree has been with me for a month. And given the color of my thumb this little guy is facing a long uphill road.

The oddest marathon trophy - but my favorite.

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